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Angle 90 News is a digital information and news platform, mainly for Digital Natives– those born into an innate “new culture” (the category of people who have grown up using technology like the Internet, computers and mobile devices) and also for the savvy and enthusiastic Digital Immigrants

old-world settlers, who have lived in the analogue age and immigrated to the digital world, as the US author, Marc Prensky explained in 2001.

Every corner of the globe is experiencing a boom in digital natives, in rich as well as poor countries.

In a Right-angle, there is equality of space between the vertical and horizontal, no tilt is allowed. A slight deviation from that rule disables the ‘right-angle-ness’. This metaphoric representation of the philosophy of the Right angle is our guiding principle.

The full picture must be presented for truth to sparkle!

Our news team comprises of expats with technology background, who have positive global outlook and recognise the role technology is playing in the unfolding scale of global mass empowerment, political participation and disruption of established socio-political narratives in ways never seen before, from Brexit to Trump and to Senator Bernie Sanders youthful crowd.

We are aware that this demographic is hungry for authentic and unbiased information from different corners of the world, either for collective or individual decision making- safe holiday destinations, emerging and frontier investment decisions, global trade, environmental protection issues or for appraising trends.

Hunger for unbiased global reporting among young, diverse populations in the western countries made up of a growing army of middle-class professionals of minority background is more so intense.

Many among this demographic are in search of authentic information on investment opportunities back in ancestral countries, much like the descendants of European immigrants to the Americas had done centuries before.

They want to participate through investment and discourse to engender positive change in countries of ancestral heritage.

Our coverage of issues in emerging and frontier market economies looks at impactful legacies, public policies and general business environment and opportunities that fill the gap for these groups.

Our content is unbiased and recognises that every news worthy occurrence anywhere in the world can be written from different angles, revealing the reporter’s biases in a mostly polarised world.

Angle 90 News publishes and presents news and information digitally in visually engaging way that equally adapts to the medium through which the reader interacts with information, which are today, mostly on hand-held mobile devices.

Our newsroom team are individuals with skills that span technology and media and we are constantly innovating to present news in a whole different way, for an inclusive experience around the world.

We welcome you to enjoy our content, be entertained and be informed by our presentation and connect with us on facebook, twitter and whatsapp.